Coronavirus Warehouse Charges Policies

Coronavirus Warehouse Charges Policies

Dear customers,

Considering that some customers are having difficulty in arranging balance during the hard time of Coronavirus, we decide to extend our free storage time from 2 weeks to one month.

Meanwhile, we are running out of warehouse space recently due to the negative effect of Coronavirus, so if customers haven't paid off in 30 days when order is ready, there will be $10 per day as warehouse charges and will deduct from customer's deposit.

Stay safe and thank you for your understanding.

Carson Lin, company owner.

Gabby Ji


Gabby Ji

Please call (863)445-4039 how much to delivery to Florida?

Gabby Ji

Yes I would like to know if I order a water slide how much will shipping be to Wilmer, Alabama 36587 USA. Also how long does it take to normally get the packages here? Thank you for your time.

Monica McDougale

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