How long does Omega Inflatables take to ship

How long does Omega Inflatables take to ship

There are three commonly used modes of transportation in international trade: sea, air, and rail.

If one or two bounce houses, we can only ship by air, it takes around 7-10 days, as we all know, the commercial inflatables are heavy duty, so the shipping cost is really expensive, often close to the value of the units, we generally do not suggest shipping by air, but if you need units urgently and can accept the high shipping cost, we will arrange air shipping for you.

The most common and cheapest way is to get multiple inflatables for sale and ship by sea, which will help you save cost, sea shipping takes around 20-45 days(depends on your location). If sea shipping, we recommend ordering inflatables at least 3-4 pieces( amount over $4000).

Here is the shipping process:

1. The Water Slides/Bounce Houses will be delivered to our shipping broker in Guangzhou.

2. Our shipping broker books shipment and deal with papers works.
Meanwhile, the broker on your end will contact you for paper works(they will help you throughout the whole import process).

3. Get the shipping papers and wait for a period of time.

4. When the ship arrives, the broker will notify you and send you a bill: duties and port charges(show us the bill and we will check and avoid overcharge).

5. Pay off the bill and pick up your commercial inflatables(we have insurance for the your order, if there is any damage on the packages, take detailed pictures and we will claim against the damage.

The sea shipping process is simple, all you need to do is the Steps 2 and Step 5. Then you will save costs and make profits.
Annie Kay

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