Omega Inflatables Shipping Cost

Omega Inflatables Shipping Cost

A lot of customers are curious about Omega inflatable shipping costs, now let's explain to you.

There are three methods to ship commercial inflatables, by air/express/sea.

Shipping by express or air takes around 7-10 days.
For example, if you order two regular bounce houses, we can only ship by express/air, the shipping cost is close to the inflatables' price, our inflatables are commercial grade and heavy-duty, so it's expensive to ship by express or by air, we don't recommend them.

But the most common and cheapest way is to get multiple units and ship by sea, which will help you save cost, sea shipping takes around 20-45 days(depends on your location). If sea shipping, we recommend ordering over $4000, around 3-4 units.

Because freight and port fees consist of two kinds.
Some fees are charged by bill, so no matter how many units you buy, you will get charged once. (you are going to save this kind of charge if you get multiple units.)
And some fees are charged by the dimensions of packages, so the more you buy the more you pay.

Here is an example of 5 bounce houses shipped by sea to Houston, USA.
- Cost of 5 bounce houses: $704 x 5 = $3520
- Freight: $800
- Port charges and duties on arrival:  around $800
- Final total is around $5120

Please keep in mind, that freight varies according to your location and the weight of the items ordered.
If you get a list of what inflatables you want to order, please contact the sales to check the exact shipping cost.
Annie Kay

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