Shipping and Delivery

1. Shipping Method?

Our oversea orders are noramlly delivered by ship, it's the most common and cheapest shipping method for the big units.


2. How much is shipping?

Here is an example of 5 bounce houses shipped by sea to Houston, USA.
- Cost of 5 bounce houses: $704 x 5 = $3520
- Freight: $800
- Port charges and duties on arrival:  around $800
- Final total is around $5120

Please keep in mind, shipping costs are determined by the package size of the inflatables you order and your location.  Please add the units you want to your cart and check out on our website, we will add shipping freight within 12 hours and send you an invoice.  


3.  How long does shipping take?

Sea shipping takes around 25-40 days depending on your location.


4. When Will My Order Ship?

When your order is done, we will send you some pictures and the final invoice to pay. Your order will be shipped after we receive your balance.


5. How Can I Track My Shipment?

There's no tracking number for sea shipping, but the the shipping company will provide an ETA (estimated time of arrival) after the ship sails, we wil llet you know.  Our team will follow your order and keep you updated until you get your order. 






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