Tips before importing inflatables from China

Tips before importing inflatables from China

Looking for some commercial inflatables from China? As an inflatable manufacturer exporting inflatables worldwide for years, we have some helpful tips for you to save your money and time :) 

1. Choose a direct manufacturer instead of a foreign trade company. 

A manufacturer makes and sells their inflables, but a foreign trade company only buys them from somewhere else then resell, quality control is not their concern, most of their customers are one-time customers.


2. Know about the raw materials.

You need to know the kind and thickness of the materials before you purchase, thicker materials make more durable inflatables. There are some great PVC supplier in China like Plato Chemicals, Hailide, etc. Stay away from inflatables made of nylon/oxford fabric.


3. Learn more about the details of the inflatables.

Are the inflatables double stitches?

Enough zippers to drain or deflate?

Detachable pool?

What materials are the inside baffles made of?


4.  Be award of the hidden costs.

Make sure you know about all the costs like shipping freight, customs fees and import duty. 


5. Confirm whether the accessories are included or not.

 For example, sang bags, stakes, tarps,straps,etc.


6. Make sure the inflatables are manufactured to the local standard.

For example, EN-14960, ASTM F2374, AS3533.


7. Confirm if the inflatables are in stock or need time to be made. 


If you need more info about importing inflatables from China, please feel free to contact us :) 



Gabby Ji

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