What kind of inflatable business is right for me?

What kind of inflatable business is right for me?

The inflatable business is now not just for backyard rental, there are some main business segments, we hope this article it helps you make your decision and operate a successful business.

What kinds of businesses can I choose from?

Here are four categories:

Backyard Rental Company:
These are the operations that handle birthday parties and the like, typically in a customer's backyard. This type of business can be money-spinning, but it is generally a smaller “weekend business” provides a secondary income for yourself. These companies typically purchase small, easy-to-operate bounce houses, combos and smalle slides.

Interactive Inflatable Rental Company:
These companies are not only for birthday parties and now rent inflatable units for corporate picnics, churches, schools and so on. Many companies start off as an above-mentioned backyard rental company and expand to larger inflatable units such as big slides, obstacle courses, and games. This can be a full-time operation.

Pay-for-Play Event Company:
This is generally more of a carnival business, instead of renting out inflatable units for a set amount of money, these companies provide for local and regional events and set up a large eye-catching inflatables then people are willing to purchase tickets to experience.

Indoor Inflatable Play Center:
This operation features a large indoor space filled with inflatable units and other attractive items. Owners typically provide either to scheduled parties or are open to the public during a set period of time each day.


To be honest, this depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking to just make a little extra money on the side? A backyard rental business is probably good for you, costs (such as gas, insurance, and repairs) are not excessive, and you can usually make a small but steady profit during the year. But what if you already have a backyard business and want to expand?

If you want to provide service to schools, corporations, churches etc. can be stressful, as can operating the larger inflatable units it necessitates. It will definitely force you to grow your operation into more of a full-time business, this means new equipment, more staff, some advertising and marketing efforts, as well as all the other headaches that go with owning your own business. But there is more profits, as well as all the other benefits that go with owning your own business!
Ken Xu

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