Packing process

Packing process

How do I roll an inflatable?

You've successfully used your inflatable, but now it's time to roll it back up. What's the best way to roll up your inflatable? While everyone has their own slightly different method, we present here the standard method of rolling an inflatable.

1. Deflate the inflatable, and make sure all deflation zippers are open to allow air to escape.

2. Begin by folding the inflatable into even thirds or quarters (the final width should be as wide as your storage bag).

3. Once you have the inflatable folded into a manageable thirds or quarters, begin rolling the inflatable towards the open deflation zipper.

4. As you roll the inflatable, continue to depress the air out in front of the roll to assure a tight, even roll.

5. Secure the rolled inflatable in its protective vinyl storage bag.


Ken Xu

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