Useful Tips - How to store your inflatables properly

Useful Tips - How to store your inflatables properly

Bounce houses and blowers need to be stored in a thick and durable bag that will protect it from dirt, dust, and bugs and keep it secure while being transported from one place to another.

Additionally, it is important to store the bounce house and blower in either your garage, shed, basement or any other place that will protect the bounce house and blower from the elements and keep it from water and heat.

Here comes the questions - How do I Fold a Bounce House to Fit in That Small Bag?
This does not have to be one of those frustrating purchases that never folds back down into its original form, however it does take some consideration to make sure all the air is out and that it stays folded tightly and compact. Below are some steps to help you visualize how to best fold and roll a basic bounce house for storage.
1. Deflate the bounce house so that most of the air is out. Once it is generally flattened, fold in all the tubes and slides that stick out so that it takes the general shape of a square or rectangle.
2. Depending upon the size of your storage bag, fold the large rectangle in either thirds or halves to reach the desired height. As you fold, tuck in any sides or netting that may come out of the sides. At this point, you should have one long strip or rectangular shape.
3.  Recruit someone to help with this next part. With you on one end of the rectangle, slowly squeezing and rolling the end as tightly as possible, have your helper roll right in front of you to get all the air out of inflatable parts ahead.
Keep rolling until it is a tightly rolled burrito-shape and lift into the bag.

Gabby Ji

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