Is Omega Inflatables a real company/Omega Inflatables legit?

Is Omega Inflatables a real company/Omega Inflatables legit?

Omega Inflatables is a real company. Our factory has a history of 8 years and it is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. It covers more than 3000㎡(3500yards) and with 100+ workers specializing in making inflatables.

As one of top inflatables manufacturers in China, we offer global customers built-to-last inflatables with factory price cheaper than ever and without resellers adding margins on.

  • Omega Inflatables is a legit company, we are registered legally in China with a real business licence and we are happy to show you. 
  • Complete contacts are list on our website, you can easily find our address on Google maps and contact us via any social media.
  • Real customer reviews are shown on the homepage of our website.
  • We have many happy customers across the world! We will show you customers references in your area.
  • Free sample of materials is available, contact us if you need more info.

We have come a long way, so we know precisely which direction to take when supplying U with high quality yet budget-friendly inflatable castles, bounce houses & slides.

Our customers are our top priority & through our inflatables we work hard towards building long-team & meaningful partnership with them.

Gabby Ji
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What kind of inflatable business is right for me?

What kind of inflatable business is right for me?

The inflatable business is now not just for backyard rental, there are some main business segments, we hope this article it helps you make your decision and operate a successful business.

What kinds of businesses can I choose from?

Here are four categories:

Backyard Rental Company:
These are the operations that handle birthday parties and the like, typically in a customer's backyard. This type of business can be money-spinning, but it is generally a smaller “weekend business” provides a secondary income for yourself. These companies typically purchase small, easy-to-operate bounce houses, combos and smalle slides.

Interactive Inflatable Rental Company:
These companies are not only for birthday parties and now rent inflatable units for corporate picnics, churches, schools and so on. Many companies start off as an above-mentioned backyard rental company and expand to larger inflatable units such as big slides, obstacle courses, and games. This can be a full-time operation.

Pay-for-Play Event Company:
This is generally more of a carnival business, instead of renting out inflatable units for a set amount of money, these companies provide for local and regional events and set up a large eye-catching inflatables then people are willing to purchase tickets to experience.

Indoor Inflatable Play Center:
This operation features a large indoor space filled with inflatable units and other attractive items. Owners typically provide either to scheduled parties or are open to the public during a set period of time each day.


To be honest, this depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking to just make a little extra money on the side? A backyard rental business is probably good for you, costs (such as gas, insurance, and repairs) are not excessive, and you can usually make a small but steady profit during the year. But what if you already have a backyard business and want to expand?

If you want to provide service to schools, corporations, churches etc. can be stressful, as can operating the larger inflatable units it necessitates. It will definitely force you to grow your operation into more of a full-time business, this means new equipment, more staff, some advertising and marketing efforts, as well as all the other headaches that go with owning your own business. But there is more profits, as well as all the other benefits that go with owning your own business!
Ken Xu
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Refund and Return Policy For Commercial Inflatables

Refund and Return Policy For Commercial Inflatables

Refund Policy

Refund Commitment

Within 5 days from the date of receipt of the payment sent by the customer, the customer can cancel the order and get a refund. But the fees caused by the transfer can not be returned.

Refund Restriction

1. Production of Inflatables is started. (Custom designs are made/ Materials are cut/ Inflatables are completed)

2. The Inflatables are delivered to the shipping company / picked up by the customer's carrier.

3. The Inflatables arrive at the customer's designated country/ port/ warehouse/ address.

4. The inflatables are used/ get damaged (man-made damage)

5. Discounts / Coupons are non-refundable.


Return Policy

Return Restriction

1. The Inflatables are delivered to the shipping company / picked up by the customer's carrier.

2. The Inflatables arrive at the customer's designated country/ port/ warehouse/ address.

3. The inflatables are used/ get damaged (man-made damage)

4. Free gifts are non-returnable.

Question 1:

The other things (accessories) except for the inflatables can be canceled before delivery? If I don't have enough budget for some reason.

Answer 1:

If they are taken from stock units, then they can be canceled. If they are made upon request, unfortunately, they can not be canceled. We will judge on a case-by-case basis.

Question 2: 

If I don't want the whole order for some reason at the moment, could I get some money back, and get the rest inflatables next time?

Answer 2:

We can split it into two shipments or a few shipments to deliver out if you agree and pay the shipping, but you will need to leave the 50% deposit for the rest inflatables. 


Contact Us

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through the following contact information, we will be always online and welcome your consultation.



Connie Jennifer
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Warranty on Our Commercial Inflatables

Warranty on Our Commercial Inflatables

The normal lifespan of an inflatable is 5 years, and we offer a 1-year warranty. 
Please note that since the warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship of inflatables for sale,
it does not apply to damage caused by: improper usage, lack of maintenance, unusual wear, neglect or accident.
When your water slide or bounce house gets damaged and still under warranty, please take detailed pictures or 
videos that can clearly show us the nature of the damage (stitching or vinyl issues, but not man-made damage), then please contact us or the sales you contacted before, with a detailed description of the problem.
After receiving your question, we will find out the reason and reply to you as soon as possible.
If the commercial inflatable is not seriously damaged, just a minor problem, we recommend you to repair it by 
yourself, and we will provide you a repair video, then you can repair the unit by using a repair kit according to 
the repair instructions. (Before shipping out the inflatables , we will equip each product with a repair kit, which 
includes glue, PVC materials. So just in case, please keep the repair kit.)

Or if the unit is badly damaged, you can find a local repair company to repair it, and please ask for a receipt from 
the repair company. We will negotiate with you and compensate according to the damage.
Some customers ask why they can't send the inflatable back to us for repair?
Due to the distance, when the unit is sent back and forth, the cost is particularly high, and the waiting time is long, 
moreover the customers cannot rent a unit for a long time, so the best way is to repair locally,
which saves time and cost for both sides.

If you still have any questions about our warranty, please feel free to contact us.
Annie Kay
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Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Inflatable Rental Business

Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Inflatable Rental Business

From the moment that you start your own rental business, it is important that you make sure you start thinking about different ways to market your business. It’s certainly not easy but there are many ways to promote and advertise your rental business, here are some related marketing ideas


The first thing your business will require is an impressive website. It’s important that your customers can find the info they need on your website. For example, pictures of the inflatables you rent with proper description (size, quality of the material used, age etc), contact info, other social medias, FAQ etc. Post pictures of the events you have served to and have an informative section for blogs where the customers can find the answers to the questions they may have.  

2.Social media

People love spending time online, social media is the most effective way to help your business reach your potential customers, it’s easy and most of the platforms are for free. The most common platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Googl, Twitter etc,  on these platforms you can engage people attention by posting attractive pictures or hosting event online and asking them to join.

By offering a coupon code online you can track how many people found your advertisement on social media sites and how effective it was. If you want to know how effective each platform works, put different coupon codes on them.

3. Print advertising

Advertising offline is also an important job you need to do in order to spread the word about your rental business. Printing advertisements in the local newspapers, receipts, community boards, on paper placemats in restaurants, and on the noticeboard of local supermarkets, or sending out flyer in neighbourhood communities such as schools, churches, clubs, children' playgroups and nurseries etc, deliver leaflets through peoples letter boxes in your area...there are numerous ways for your rental business to promote itself.

Have your contact information written on your inflatables or vehicle, where everyone will see it. Make sure you take advantage of the space for banners on your bounce houses, it’s a moving advertisement, whenever your bounce house is rent out it will promote itself, and your potential customers know how to find you.

4. Content Marketing

Nowadays,  it’s common for companies to create articles and blogs on exterior sites intending to establish themselves as experts and advertise their businesses. This type of content can be about birthday parties, carnivals, fairs, bounce houses or picnics, and corporate functions where bounce houses might be used. It not only helps rental businesses to advertise themselves but also help them to get a high ranking on search engines.

5. Customer relationship

Never undermine the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your customers,  if your customers are satisfied with your service, you will get customer referrals and expand your customer base. Except for great quality inflatable and excellent service, you also need to pay attention to other details like customer order history, contact details, it allows you to take feedback and communicate with them instantly.

6. Charity

Rent your inflatables to the local children' home or orphanage, perhaps offering a small discount. Lend your inflatables to a charity event for FREE. All the money taken goes to the charity, but you get FREE publicity, (especially if you hand your leaflets out) and if you are lucky, you will get a mention in the local press.

There are a lot of ways to promote your inflatable rental business, these are just a few of them. Be creative and you’ll find opportunities everywhere. Good luck!  

Gabby Ji
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Buy a container of inflatables and save freight

Buy a container of inflatables and save freight

In international ocean shipping, there are two options of transportation:  Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping.

FCL refers to shipments for which all goods in a container are owned by one party, while LCL involves multiple shippers’ goods packed together.The type of transportation we choose depends on the quantity.

LCL is the most likely option, especiall fo new customer, their first order is likey to be small because they want to check the quality before placing a bigger order. In fact, FCL is the best option for a large quantity because you will enjoy lots of benefits.

- Enjoy a 3-5% discount for entire order

We will have a 3-5% discount according to the order amount.

- Cheaper Sea freight  

FCL shipments are usually the better option for high-volume shipments, you will save a lot compared to LCL shipping.

Here are 2 examples:

1.An order of 10pcs bounce houses shiped to Houston, USA.

- Cost of inflatables: $6200
- LCL Freight: around $2400
- Port charges and duties on arrival: around $1200
- Final total around $9800

Shipping freight & port fees are $360 on each unit on average.


2. An order of 60pcs bounce houses shiped to Houston, USA.

- Cost of inflatables: $36080 ($1120 off)
- FCL Freight: around $15000
- Port charges and duties on arrival: around $1000
- Final total around $52080

Shipping freight & port fees are $270 on each unit on average.
You save $90 for each unit plus a $1120 discount.


In general, FCL shipping rates are more stable in comparison with LCL shipping rates.


- It's safer to ship your units in a container

FCL shipment tends to be more secure because it has exclusive rights to the entire container, it avoid the risk of damage or contamination from other merchandise.




Gabby Ji
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Power shortages in China hit homes and factories prompting global supply fears

Power shortages in China hit homes and factories prompting global supply fears

Factories were closed to avoid exceeding limits on energy use imposed by Beijing to promote efficiency.

Widening power shortages in China’s north-east have left homes without power and halted production at numerous factories, while some shops operated by candlelight as the economic toll of the squeeze mounted.

Residents in the north-east, where autumn temperatures are falling, reported power cuts and appealed on social media for the government to restore supplies.

Rationing has been implemented during peak hours since last week, while residents of cities including Changchun said cuts were occurring sooner and lasting for longer, state media reported.

China’s power crunch, caused by tight coal supplies and toughening emissions standards, has hurt production in industries across several regions and poses a risk to already strained global supply chains.

Manufacturers face existing shortages of processor chips, disruptions in shipping and other lingering effects of the global shutdown of travel and trade to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

In the north-east, factories were idled to avoid exceeding limits on energy use imposed by Beijing to promote efficiency. Economists and an environmental group say manufacturers used up this year’s quota faster than planned as export demand rebounded from the coronavirus pandemic.

In the city of Liaoyang, 23 people were hospitalised with gas poisoning after ventilation in a metal casting factory was shut off after a power outage, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

The suspension of production at some factories prompted concerns over the possible shortage of goods ahead of Christmas, including smartphones and devices.

Apple components supplier Eson Precision Engineering said on Sunday it would halt production at its factory in Kunshan, west of Shanghai, until Thursday “in line with the local government’s power restriction policy.”

Eson said the suspension shouldn’t have a “significant impact” on operations.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a question from Associated Press about the possible impact on iPhone supplies.

The impact on homes and non-industrial users comes as night-time temperatures slip to near-freezing in China’s northernmost cities. The National Energy Administration has told coal and natural gas firms to ensure sufficient energy supplies to keep homes warm during winter.

Liaoning province said power generation had declined significantly since July, and the supply gap widened to a “severe level” last week. It expanded power cuts from industrial firms to residential areas last week.

The city of Huludao told residents not to use high energy-consuming electronics like water heaters and microwave ovens during peak periods, and a resident of Harbin city in Heilongjiang province told Reuters that many shopping malls were closing earlier than usual.

The power squeeze is unnerving Chinese stock markets at a time when the world’s second-largest economy is already showing signs of slowing. The Chinese economy is grappling with curbs on the property and tech sectors and concerns around the future of cash-strapped real estate giant China Evergrande.

China has vowed to cut energy intensity by about 3% in 2021 to meet its climate goals. Provincial authorities have also stepped up the enforcement of emissions curbs in recent months after only 10 of 30 mainland regions managed to achieve their energy goals in the first half of the year.

The ruling party also is preparing for the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and the nearby city of Shijiazhuang in February, a period when it will want clear blue skies.

The power pinch has been affecting manufacturers in key industrial hubs on the eastern and southern coasts for weeks.

At least 15 Chinese companies have said in exchange filings that production had been disrupted by power curbs, while more than 30 Taiwan-listed firms with China operations had stopped work to comply with the power limits.

The fallout of the power shortage has prompted some analysts to downgrade their 2021 economic growth outlook for China, and also warned of possible global supply shortages to textiles, toys and machine parts.

With Reuters and Associated Press

Source: The Guardian for 200 years

Gabby Ji
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Tips before importing inflatables from China

Tips before importing inflatables from China

Looking for some commercial inflatables from China? As an inflatable manufacturer exporting inflatables worldwide for years, we have some helpful tips for you to save your money and time :) 

1. Choose a direct manufacturer instead of a foreign trade company. 

A manufacturer makes and sells their inflables, but a foreign trade company only buys them from somewhere else then resell, quality control is not their concern, most of their customers are one-time customers.


2. Know about the raw materials.

You need to know the kind and thickness of the materials before you purchase, thicker materials make more durable inflatables. There are some great PVC supplier in China like Plato Chemicals, Hailide, etc. Stay away from inflatables made of nylon/oxford fabric.


3. Learn more about the details of the inflatables.

Are the inflatables double stitches?

Enough zippers to drain or deflate?

Detachable pool?

What materials are the inside baffles made of?


4.  Be award of the hidden costs.

Make sure you know about all the costs like shipping freight, customs fees and import duty. 


5. Confirm whether the accessories are included or not.

 For example, sang bags, stakes, tarps,straps,etc.


6. Make sure the inflatables are manufactured to the local standard.

For example, EN-14960, ASTM F2374, AS3533.


7. Confirm if the inflatables are in stock or need time to be made. 


If you need more info about importing inflatables from China, please feel free to contact us :) 



Gabby Ji
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Coronavirus outbreak in China caused container delay & higher shipping cost
Should I buy inflatables manufactured in China? Yes you should!

Should I buy inflatables manufactured in China? Yes you should!

As a manufactuer company in inflatables industry for nearly 10 years, we have heard a lot of questions when it comes to importing inflatables from China.  While some business owners are inclined to get their inventory in the local, more and more business owners get to know us and choose us to be their supplier. 

There are some facts that you need to know about the Chinese inflatables manufacturers.

1) Not all inflatables made in China are poor quality

Inflatables can be of poor quality without quality control, but it not only happens in China, but also happens in other countries. 

When you decide to get your inventory from China, It's important to choose an experienced and reliable manufacturer. Take us as an example, our main market is the US, Europe and Australia, we know well how to meet the product requirements of different countries in case they past the test.

As a top inflatables manufacturer in China, we will supply you the most durable inflatables with the best raw materials, strong thred, tight stitching, high quality zippers, every inflatable pasts the quality inspections before they are sent out from our factory.

Try not to choose a company who offers a super low price, or who sells a large range of related products, they are not professional enough and won't pay enough attention to the quality control. 

2) You can enjoy the factory price

Many so called "Made in USA” inflatables are actually manufactured in China, but their prices are double or even triple when they are in the the local market. Our inflatales are high quality while budget-friendly, you will save quite bucks if you order from us directly, even with the shipping freight and all the port fees.

3) Custom designs are available

In most instances, you can only choose the current designs on the website when you buy from the US, but if you buy from a Chinese manafactuer, you will be happy that you can get your own custom inflatables with different sizes, themes, colors and materials.  A professional manufacturer company like us has their own design team to make new designs, and they are able to make your imagination come true, we are more than happy to do that because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

4)  Import process is easier than you think

Is it complicated to get the inflatables from a Chinese company? Do I have to find my own shipping broker?  

It's not that complicated, all you need to do is to follow us and provide the information we need,  we will guide you step by step and we have our shipping broker taking care of the shipping process until you get your order.


omega inflatables customer reviews

Gabby Ji
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What are the Buyers and Sellers Responsibilities under CIF Incoterms?

What are the Buyers and Sellers Responsibilities under CIF Incoterms?

CIF is the shipping incoterm we use when exporting our products, it stands for Cost, Insurance and Freight.  Under this incoterms, we will pay the costs and freight includes insurance to bring our products to the port of destination. 

What are the Buyers and Sellers Responsibilities under CIF Incoterms?

Sellers Responsibilities

1. Export Packaging: Ensuring the cargo is adequately packaged and ready for export. In some instances, exporting countries require specific markings on their products or packaging. This party is responsible for ensuring that the cargo can be exported appropriately. 

2. Loading Charges: Any costs associated with loading the shipment onto the first carrier from the sellers’ warehouse. 

3.  Delivery to Port/Place: All transportation costs associated with delivering the cargo from the seller’s warehouse to the port.  

3. Export Duty, Taxes & Customs Clearance: Any customs costs associated with exporting the cargo. In the event of customs examinations and additional fees, the responsibility falls on this party.

4. Origin Terminal Charges: These are handing charges at the loading port.

5. Loading on Carriage: Charges associated with loading the cargo onto the vessel.

6. Carriage Charges: The cost of freight to move the shipment from the port of loading to the port of destination. 

7. Insurance: Under CIF Incoterms, the seller is responsible for obtaining insurance policy on the shipment, up until the port of destination.


Buyers Responsibilities

1. Destination Terminal Charges: Also known as Destination Handling Charges, or DTHC, these are all costs associated with unloading to transferring the cargo within the terminal. 

2. Delivery to Destination: Organizing the logistics to move the cargo from the port to the final delivery destination. 

3. Unloading at Destination: Once the cargo arrives at the delivery destination, any costs associated with unloading the cargo for the truck. 

4. Import Duty, Taxes & Customs Clearance: All import requirements, including customs clearance, duty, and taxes. In the event of a customs examination or issue with the importation, this party is responsible for rectifying the problem. 

Gabby Ji
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Shipping and Delivery

1. Shipping Method?

Our oversea orders are noramlly delivered by ship, it's the most common and cheapest shipping method for the big units.


2. How much is shipping?

Here is an example of 5 bounce houses shipped by sea to Houston, USA.
- Cost of 5 bounce houses: $704 x 5 = $3520
- Freight: $800
- Port charges and duties on arrival:  around $800
- Final total is around $5120

Please keep in mind, shipping costs are determined by the package size of the inflatables you order and your location.  Please add the units you want to your cart and check out on our website, we will add shipping freight within 12 hours and send you an invoice.  


3.  How long does shipping take?

Sea shipping takes around 25-40 days depending on your location.


4. When Will My Order Ship?

When your order is done, we will send you some pictures and the final invoice to pay. Your order will be shipped after we receive your balance.


5. How Can I Track My Shipment?

There's no tracking number for sea shipping, but the the shipping company will provide an ETA (estimated time of arrival) after the ship sails, we wil llet you know.  Our team will follow your order and keep you updated until you get your order. 





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